04-21【Cheuk Yu Mak】A Characterization of Heaviness in terms of Relative Symplectic Cohomology


报告人:Cheuk Yu Mak(南安普顿大学)

时间:2023年4月21日15:00 -16:00  

地点:Zoom会议号: 858 0911 5251,密码: 528485

Entov and Polterovich introduced the notion of heaviness and super-heaviness to characterize some intersection phenomena of compact subsets of a symplectic manifold around 15 years ago. More recently, for a completely different reason, Varolgunes introduced a Floer theory for compact sets called relative symplectic cohomology, which also characterizes certain intersection phenomena. We will try to explain how these are related. Interestingly, we get non-trivial applications in both directions by establishing this relation. This is joint work with Yuhan Sun and Umut Varolgunes.